This is a collection of reference materials to assist our study and expression of the Subtle Realm. 

It is not complete and is only meant to help facilitate learning, discussion and exploration.

About the Bandhas

Bandha means “lock”. “Lock” is a farming term and refers to the creation of “dams” to assist in the flow and retention of prana through the nadis for the purposes of irrigation.

The practices of the bandhas are super subtle and have wide reaching effects. Because of their invisible nature, they are sometimes first shared in an obvious gross way to begin the relationship. These borrowed artistic renderings are slightly "old-skool" in their approach. I hope one day art is produced that is more clear and descriptive.


An artist rendering of approximate mulabandha location.

Uddiyana Bandha

An artist rendering of one of the possible actions of uddiyana bandha.

Jalandhara Bandha

An artist rendering of an action of jalandhara bandha.