Follow these links to support our time together this weekend with the Michigan Yoga Association in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  See Flyer.

Please bring a journal and writing instrument.  I look forward to being together very much.

Pointing Towards the Joy : A Gathering for Yoga Teachers Friday, April 29 | 6 - 8:30pm

If we are new to meeting, and or the study of the subtle realm is new to you, you might engage with these resources.

Listening to the Longing | Saturday, April 30 | 10 - 1pm

  • Please explore the miracle of our ears, specifically watching at least one of the animations explaining how the ear works.
  • Please dive into the design of our heart, specifically watching Our Sacred Heart with Gil Hedley.

Touching Reality | Saturday, April 30 | 2 - 5pm

Seeing Connection | Sunday, May 1 | 9 - 12

  • Please explore the qualities of our eyes, specifically watch Raimon Panikar's The Window, How Your Eyes Trick Your Mind and Beau Lotto's Optical Illusion Study.  

Sounding Truth, Sunday, May 1 | 1 - 4pm

Please explore: