I’ve been in this amazing city since Thursday.  Something very deep in my low belly feels so nourished and happy.  Everyone is everywhere.  The history plus a commitment to affordable housing all over the city plus a whole lot of other factors results in a creative, vibrant, socio-economic, racial and ideological integration that I’ve never experienced.  I am in the Benetton ads of my 12 year old dreams.

And yet the same shocked conversation is happening here as back home.  The sense of scarcity and fear that makes a community suddenly consider isolation as a solution has taken London by surprise.  Just as so many did not take Trump's suggestion that a wall should be build as a solution to immigration seriously in America, my friends here are in disbelief that the UK could for real split from the EU. It is wild to watch us both tear at the very fabric that weaves us beautiful. 

I’ve come to receive the Dharma teachings from my teacher, Jetsumna Tenzin Palmo, so I’ll mostly be talking about these over the next few blogs.  Context is everything, and this is the time and place where I am soaking in the teachings.