Note: This blog is part of a series sharing the teachings of the Atisha's Lojong Root Verses on Training the Mind as shared by Jetsumna Tenzin Palmo in London May 28 & 29, 2016.  These are not transcriptions of the lectures, rather a collection of her thoughts sewn together.

20. The Supreme way of benefiting is to help others enter the Dharma.

The greatest gift we can give is to help someone find a spiritual path.

Jetsumna suggested giving dharma books as gifts. We only need to share what we know.  No less or more. Do not be overmodest.  We know a little bit.  Share.

Very similar to the proverb of better to teach someone to fish than give fish.  Jetsumna offered that the best thing we can do is help someone find a spiritual path.

Read verse twenty-one and teaching notes.