Note: This blog is part of a series sharing the teachings of the Atisha's Lojong Root Verses on Training the Mind as shared by Jetsumna Tenzin Palmo in London May 28 & 29, 2016.  These are not transcriptions of the lectures, rather a collection of her thoughts sewn together.

21. The Supreme benefit is a mind that turns towards the Dharma.

The mind absorbed in the dharma is alike a sponge in liquid, they become one.

Let everything we do be part of practicing dharma. Let the Dharma permeate everything like a beautiful perfume.

The main problem is that we are lazy.  We make excuses and put things off to a better time.

There are three kinds of lazy:

1. Crass Laziness

This is the obvious kind of lazy. The kind that keeps us under the covers instead of getting up to sit.

2.     The Laziness of Busy

This is the laziness of being busy.  It includes the running of dharma centers as we are distracted by work, family and other maters.

3.     The Laziness of Low Self Esteem

Our tendency to decide we are not worthy to practice is also a kind of lazy. Defeatist.


One way or another we are always making excuse for what we know we are supposed to do.

Make use of your life. Have no regrets. Are we becoming better people?

All the instructions are here. All the teachings are here. All the great masters are available. No one can do this for us.